How can I be sure that the olive oil I receive is only from my tree?

Aniko follows a production process using a micro olive press and we received a TUV certification for the procedure guaranteeing that the olives are only from your tree and are not mixed with other trees from the moment you buy your tree till the moment we bottle your olive oil. You are welcome to visit your tree anytime. We would be happy to have you during harvesting so to handpick your olives and watch the process of putting your tree in the bottle. You will have the opportunity to see in person our unique micro olive mill that, unlike regular olive mills, enables us to extract the oil from the olives of each single tree. However, since this is not an easy trip to anybody, Videos on demand will be available for you, to watch the whole process from your home. Finally, soon we will have live cameras in our grove and you will be able to watch everything in real – time.

How Can I be sure that my olive oil is Extra Virgin?

From taking care of the trees to bottling your olive oil, we make sure that we follow the necessary steps to extract an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. That is, early harvest, handpicking only olives without defects, minimum storage time at collection sacks, cold extraction, same day bottling and excellent storage conditions till delivery. Extra virgin olive oil has organoleptic characteristics that rate at least 6.5/10 and a free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, of not more than 1 gram per 100 grams.You will receive a chemical analysis of your olive oil stating all its unique characteristics.

Is the olive oil organic?

The olives of our grove have been growing wild for about a decade which means that the soil is free from any kind of pesticides or chemical substances. From the moment we started to utilize the olive trees we used only organic means to grow, fertilize, moisturize the soil and keep Dacus oleae away from the fruits. Our grove is soon to be certified organic.

What is so special about Aniko Extra virgin olive oil?

We are trying to do everything as if you were here, doing everything yourself. We respect the tree and hand pick the fruit selecting one by one only the best fruits. We utilize the land and trees with natural means and let nature take its course. We don’t over exploit the trees as we care for quality not quantity. But most importantly, we extract the olive oil of each single tree separately. It’s a production on the tree rather than on the field.

Is it possible that my tree will be sold to another person?

No, this is not possible. Once you choose the tree you will receive an email verifying your tree is on hold for you until you complete the payment procedure. The tree will remain on hold for 72 hours. When you complete payment, you will receive a new email as a proof of ownership. If payment is not complete within 72 hours from purchase, the tree will be available in the grove for another client.

Is it possible to have a sample before proceeding to a purchase?

We would be happy to provide you with a 100ml sample of our Extra Virgin Olive oil. Please note however that we cannot guarantee that the sample will be from the specific tree you would like to buy. In addition, please note that the sample will be from the last season’s olive oil extraction.

What if my tree will not produce olive oil this season?

While it is widely known that olive trees are not producing oil every season, Aniko takes all the necessary steps to make sure of the opposite. The reason olive trees produce oil every two years is due to pruning, harvesting methods and extreme tree exploitation. Aniko does not aim to maximize quantity thus our procedure is nature friendly and guarantees our trees will bear fruits every year.In the event that we cannot provide you with the 6 bottles of 500mn oil from your tree, you will get a partial or total refund depending on the quantities actually extracted from your tree.

How many liters of olive oil are extracted by a single tree?

As we aim for quality and for production every year, we assume that our trees, with the process we follow, could offer from 4 to 6 liters of olive oil. Aniko wants to create an unforgettable experience and a unique product for you while respecting nature and aiming for sustainability. Targeting a production of 3 liters (6*500 ml) enables us to keep stress away from the trees and nature, avoiding the temptation to use chemical methods to get a higher quantity.

So, why I will receive 3 liters of extra virgin olive oil?

Aniko trees are harvested early in the season (early harvest) because we want to make sure the fruit is not infected by the Dacus oleae and the olive oil extracted will be of top quality and rich in polyphenoles. Since the fruit is not yet ripped, the quantity of olive oil extracted is considerably less than if the fruit was ripped. Therefore, 3 liters is a quantity we can guarantee any single tree in our grove will produce. In case your tree will produce more than 3 liters of olive oil we would be delighted to send you the extra liters at an additional delivery cost. If you don’t want the extra liter (if there is)Aniko will donate it to a child’s nonprofit organization.

Will I receive this year’s olive oil or next year’s olive oil?

Aniko experience starts from choosing a tree, following the nature rhythm and getting an extra virgin oil from your tree. As the harvesting season usually starts around late September depending on weather conditions, we would advise to buy your tree before harvesting thus you will receive this season’s olive oil still very fresh. Nonetheless, if you buy the tree after harvesting season, and if the tree was still available the previous season, you could have the possibility to choose if you want to receive the olive oil already pressed from this tree or the oilie oil from the coming harvesting season.l produce.


Delivery takes place from November onwards, depending on the harvesting season. At the moment we only provide standard delivery with ELTA – HELLENIC POST SERVICE. Delivery is free of charge with the European Union for the 3 liters of extra virgin olive oil – 6 bottles of 500 ml each. Duties and taxes that might imply at destination are not included. Delivery to third countries cost 50 euros. Duties and taxes at destination are not included.

My olive oil tastes bitter. Is this normal?

This means your extra virgin olive oil is rich in polyphenoles so yes it is normal. It is not only normal but also good for your health.

What is the optimal preservation time of my olive oil?

Olive oil should be stored in a cool and dry place. Make sure you close the bottle after every use. This way it can be preserved for at least a year without any alteration in taste and aroma. You may even preserve it for more than a year, but, keep in mind that you might feel a slight increase in acidity. Olive oil is not necessarily preserved in the fridge, however you might refrigerate your olive oil and it won’t change its characteristics.

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