Taste the Unique
Indulge in an exclusive journey that starts from your tree and reaches your table.
Aniko is for the ones who enjoy tailor-made experiences and special products and who like sharing them. You will get on your table the most unique and exclusive extra-virgin olive oil, produced only from your tree, the one you chose from our grove in Crete Island, Greece.Aniko means ‘belong’ in Greek. We want to emphasize the sense of belonging, the connection we strive to create between you and your tree. The magnificent legacy of this beautiful island and the roots you create by selecting one of our trees, participating in the process through a personal experience.
Discover the Aniko concept
Your very own TREE
Aniko designed a unique and certified microproduction process which guarantees that you will get the olive oil only from your tree. Our olive grove is located in Crete, the biggest Greek island, more specifically in Chania where we cultivate with passion the Koroneiki variety olive trees. Aniko olive trees have been growing there for over 150 years, among local herbs, thyme and sage, in our traditional series of terraces among stone walls. Some wild trees are even 500 years old.It’s now time for you to choose one of the 190 olive trees and get the most out of this unique experience. You will enter the real olive tree grove as if you were walking through the land, and we offer you the immersing experience to see the trees through 360ᵒ view.
An experience landing on your table.
Your very own OLIVE OIL
You choose your olive tree
for one single olive oil production EXCLUSIVELY for you.
We “pamper” your tree
we take care of your tree during the whole year
We bottle your own olive oil
exclusively from your tree.
You enjoy your own product
in a personalized packaging that reaches your table.
the importance of
Peerless ​Taste in a bottle
end of September
From late September when the harvesting season starts, your olives- still green- are slowly and carefully handpicked. This process is more time-consuming and costly than mechanical harvesting, however it enables us to select the best fruit. Your handpicked olives are not damaged (falling on the ground, hit by a machine or impaired by insects) they are not mixed with soil or grass and your olive tree is unharmed. Harvesting intact fruit is a key step for the production of the best olive oil. Your olives are taken to the olive press the same day so that oil extraction can begin. About 15kg of olives are needed to produce one liter of Koroneiki olive oil.
Micro Oil Mill
Your olives are taken to our micro mill on the same day they are collected to minimize olive oxidation. The quality of the produced oil heavily depends on the time the olives will remain in the collection sacks. What makes the Aniko process remarkable is the use of a micro olive mill enabling us to extract the oil tree by tree. No unwanted mixing with the olives of a different tree. Only uniqueness. Traditional mills require a minimum of 500 kilos of olives to start producing oil. Aniko micro mill is able to start producing oil with just 45 kilos of olives thus enabling us to extract your oil from your tree only. Moreover, the olives do not go through heat processing, to increase the quantity produced. We aim at the best quality olive oil safeguarding its fragrant aromas and flavors as well as its healthful qualities.
Immediately (in 24 hours)
Following the extraction in our micro olive mill, your olive oil is filtered and packaged within 24 hours. We are strict about this procedure since we want to avoid olive oil oxidation due to external factors such as oxygen availability and light. Glass is ideal for packaging and preserving olive oil. Moreover, Aniko dark glass bottles prevent the olive oil oxidation.
November onwards
Shipping will begin November onwards depending on harvesting season. Delivery time depends on the destination country but we expect it between December and February. You will receive a package containing 6 extra virgin olive oil bottles of 500ml each from your olive tree. Moreover, you will receive a TUV Certification guaranteeing that your olive oil is produced exclusively from your tree as well as a chemical analysis of your olive oil stating all its unique characteristics.
reap the rewards and put your tree in a bottle
your experience
Own the Unique, taste the exceptional.
500ml bottles
of your own olive oil in a special personalised packaging
TUV certification
guaranteeing that your olive oil is produced exclusively from your tree
Chemical Analysis
of your personal olive oil to know all its unique charactiristics
Home delivery
between December and February (depending on the harvest period and weather)
Greek Koroneiki Olive
The Koroneiki variety originated from the village of Koroni, in Messinia (Peloponnese) and covers today an estimated 50 to 60 percent of Greece’s olive growing acreage. The Koroneiki is popular among producers in Crete because its oil has a beautiful green-yellow color, a fruity taste and an excellent aroma while it is relatively easy to grow in terms of moisture, temperature, soil, and care.Moreover, the Koroneiki olive is high in polyphenols which may have a range of health benefits. The polyphenols and oleocanthal, are these ingredients that give the oil a bitter and intense flavor.
Know How
Aniko collaborates with the Papadomanolakis family, who owns an oil press that has been operating since 1980 and is distinguished for the quality of its work. Their expertise and professionalism is precious to shelter our micro mill and leverage its capabilities.
Cold Pressed Olive Oil


Cold pressed olive oil is considered a high quality natural product. The temperature during crushing of the olives should not exceed 27oC (81oF). This maximum limit has been determined by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC). Raising this temperature degrades the oil and reduces its flavor and nutrients. By exceeding 27oC (81oF), a producer is no longer extracting virgin or extra virgin olive oil.
Your Koroneiki olives are rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant organic compound found exclusively in plants. Our micro production process enables us to keep a high level of polyphenols. You will feel the strong concentration in polyphenols as it leads to a slightly bitter taste and astringency. While The European Food Safety Authority issued a health claim on olive polyphenols (EU 432/1021), a study from the University of Athens and the University of Innsbruck concerning the polyphenols level in Greek Olive oil found that extra virgins from Crete were the richest in polyphenols. Research has shown that on average extra virgin olive oil has a level of polyphenol around 100- 250 mg / kilo.
The “A” Bottle


The design of the bottle was inspired by the letter A, first letter of our Brand.
Aniko means "I belong to" in Greek language, because this olive oil will be produced for you exclusively. You will get the unique opportunity to share with your friends and family the oil produced from the tree you chose. You will have a story to tell and you will enjoy the taste of an ultra micro production, respecting the rhythm of nature

Extra Virgin
Aniko aims at following careful processes to produce extra-virgin olive oil. There are several categories of olive oil such as virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil etc. There are a number of criteria to evaluate the quality of olive oil with the most important of them being organoleptic evaluation and free acidity.Extra virgin olive oil has a fruity aroma and taste and is extracted from high quality olives without defects-thus handpicking is an important step.